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Savannah Genetics

We are Daniel and Dominik, digital media designers and the proud owners of Savannah Genetics. Our hobby cattery is located in southwestern Germany, close to Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Basel.

As a part of our commitment  since 2008 to promoting the common interests of Savannah Cats & Chausie Cats in Germany , we take great pride in being one of the few privileged breeders of the unique and luxurious breed of the Savannah Cat.

It is our goal to establish a thriving Savannah cat breed with all its dominant features. It is also our commitment to ensure that a shoulder height of at least 40 cm and above is permanently maintained.

Savannah Kitten

We have Savannah & Chausie Kitten

We have several Savannah kittens in different colors, from brown, black, silver black to melanistic. Our Savannah kittens come in different sizes, so let us know if you would rather have a bigger or smaller sized Savannah cat.

F5 SBT Chausie Kitten

Race: Chausie
Color: Brown Ticked
Gender: Male & Female

F5 SBT Savannah Kitten

Race: Savannah
Color: Silver Black, Brown Black, Black
Gender: Male & Female

Chausie Cat "Simba"

Race: Chausie
Gender: Male
Color: Brown Ticked
Age:  1 year

What to expect when receiving your Savannah kittens:

When you receive your kittens, they will already be housebroken, and of course, vaccinated with a chip, including an EU passport with a pedigree of 4 generations and also a food package with their favorite toys. The kittens are very typical and belong to the generation F5 SBT. It goes without saying that we are always available to answer your questions via WhatsApp, by phone and by e-mail.

Before deciding to purchase a kitten, please read our homepage carefully to make sure that the Savannah cat suits you. Read our checklist, employment, attitude etc. to receive more information.


We fully guarantee that our cats are always chipped.


Vaccination certificates are always provided and a EU-Passport is available upon request.


Every cat has been dewormed before its release.

House Trained

Savannah cats are usually housebroken around the age of 4-5 weeks.


A genealogical table for the Savannah cat is always provided.

Feed package

For your convenience, a 3-day cat feed package is also included.

delivery service

World Wide Shipping
We bring your Savannah cat to your home.

Our Savannah Cats

What to know about our Savannah cats

It was not simple task for us to find a proper selection of Savannah cats. This is mainly due to the fact that the Savannah cat breed is hardly widespread in Germany because most people here are not familiar with this breed. As a result, we spent several years in finding the appropriate parent animals for breeding Savannah cats.

Significant features and traits

It was our top priority to ensure that the Savannah cats were actually genuine and moreover pure breds. As passionate hobby breeders, we are constantly working on improving our breeding expertise in order to achieve the features and characteristics highly resembling those of a Serval cat. We are always on the lookout for Savannah cats whose typical features are highly predominant, which not only improve their physical appearance but also induce the characteristics of Serval or F1 cats.

Our Savannah cats are strongly affectionate and always purring whenever they are around. When being cuddled, our Savannah cats acknowledge this with a rhythmic treading of their forepaws. Our Savannah cats are also very „talkative“. For Example, they will respond with cat noises in an attempt to do anything else but that which they have been told to do. You could easily get caught up in a long discussion when trying to scold (kindly, of course!) a Savannah cat.

Our Savannah Cats

F5 SBT Savannah Cat - Nami

Race: Savannah
Color: Brown Black
Gender: Female

F5 SBT Savannah cat - Momoko

Race: Savannah
Color: Brown Black
Gender: Female

Savannah Cat Male

Our Savannah male breeding cats

The further improvement of our Savannah cat breeding skills is our top priority and should also be that of each and every other breeder.

It is therefore essential that Savannah male breeding cats are of the highest quality because of the scarce amount of cats available out there.

For this reason, the number of male breeding cats is extremely low which makes the search for a male breeding cat highly difficult.

Savannah Cat

The most significant feature of our Savannah male breeding cat is that it has inherited the size and fur patterns of his wild ancestors. Furthermore, he has large ears, very long legs and vibrant fur patterns. For safety and health purposes, we do not offer matings to other breeders.
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