About Us

We are Daniel and Dominik, digital media designers and the proud owners of Savannah Genetics. Our hobby cattery is located in southwestern Germany, close to Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Basel.

As a part of our commitment to promoting the common interests of the Society of Hybrid Cats in Germany (GHK), we take great pride in being one of the few privileged breeders of the unique and luxurious breed of the Savannah Cat.

In accordance to the guidelines of the GHK, it is our goal to establish a thriving Savannah cat breed with all its dominant features. It is also our commitment to ensure that a shoulder height of at least 40 cm and above is permanently maintained.

Furthermore, we handle all digital media matters. This means that we are responsible for web design, web programming and post productions of all GHK members. We also manage all social media pages where we are represented, such as YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.

Our breeding cats are tested for the following diseases: