Breed standard of the Savannah cat

The anatomy of the Savannah cats keeps us astonished – breed standard

They are tall, long, slim, with long hind legs. Furthermore, a different anatomy than other cats and absolutely nothing to compare. This is easy to recognize by your sagging long back. Her gait is elegant and equates to a creeping big cat. To keep it that way, there is the breed standard.

Breed standard

For example, the physical superiority, you can see the Savannah cat, their extraordinary musculature ensures great balance of power. They do not suffer from obesity and the appearance of the serval is inherited. Of course, an optimal selection of parent animals is essential and initially without help from others not easy to implement, fortunately we had a special mentor, who is a biologist and a true predator expert.

Accordingly, her head is small long drawn and triangular. At best marked with an M on the forehead. The dark tears reinforce the wild catlike impression. They have a long neck, big ears with wild spots, a so-called thumb mark on the back of the ears.

Breed standard

In addition, the lightening of the base color takes on average 1.5 years. Then the completion of the coat drawing is achieved.

Anyway, we prefer a long and especially thick cock! Other clubs prefer a short thick cock, but we the GHK (Hybrid Cats) disagree. And her hind legs should be longer and stronger than the front legs. Nice dappled spots with a strong black contrast. And in the colors Brown Black, Golden Brown Black and Silver Black Spotted Tabby.

Breed standard

When mated with Savannah cats, care should always be taken that the Savannah mating cat is really purebred.

In order to promote the establishment of the breed and breed really typeful and pretty Savannah kittens. So far there are not so many F5 Savannah breeders, as most of them pay too much attention to the money and favor lower generations. However, low generations have several disadvantages, many mark in spite of castration and are significantly more savage than F5 Savannah cats which makes the attitude much more difficult.

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