Savannah Food

B.A.R.F. = Organic species-appropriate raw Savannah Food or also known as organic species-appropriate raw food

Savannah Food
Biologisch artgerechte Rohe Fütterung

Organic, species-appropriate raw Savannah Food is on the menu of the Savannah Cats!

Day-old chicks, chicken hearts, mice, rabbits, beef, game, oxen, turkey, chicken, quail, fish, lamb, goat, horse, deer and roe deer.

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Savannah Kitten Checklist for the arrival

Savannah Kitten Checklist – Here we would like to inform you about the preparations before the arrival of the kittens.

Savannah Kitten Checklist

  • Savannah Kitten Checklist
  • Do you live in a rented apartment or in a house? Go through our checklist carefully!
    Or, inquire about whether cats are allowed in the household.
    An uncastrated male for breeding can not be kept in a rented apartment, as the marking behavior is too severe.
  • Is the home ready for a savannah kitten?
    You still have to get to know many sources of danger! (Cable, danger of falling, no poisonous plants etc.)

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History of the Savannah cat

History ofSavannah Cats are first-generation Serval hybrids – the original history of the Savannah cat

History – They are wild, exotic and ideally big. Through a rediscovery in a household in which a serval and a domestic cat lived. About 35 years ago in the US a household serval occupied the domestic cat, from which the 1st branch generation of the Savannah cat arose. This is in short the original story of the Savannah cat.
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Generation (Foundation) – Savannah Cat F5


Generation – Savannah cats are hybrid cats, created from a cross between a serval and a domestic cat – we breed only F5 SBT Savannah cats.

The Branch Generation (Foundation) indicates the degree of relationship with the Serval. F1 – F4 Savannah cats are considered Serval hybrids, from the fifth generation onwards the Savannah cat is considered a domestic cat and without any special legal requirements.
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Breed standard of the Savannah cat


The anatomy of the Savannah cats keeps us astonished – breed standard

They are tall, long, slim, with long hind legs. Furthermore, a different anatomy than other cats and absolutely nothing to compare. This is easy to recognize by your sagging long back. Her gait is elegant and equates to a creeping big cat. To keep it that way, there is the breed standard. „Breed standard of the Savannah cat“ weiterlesen