Character of the Savannah Cat

The character of the Savannah cats keeps us amazed!

Not infrequently they jump silently on high objects. The height, which they can easily jump up from a standing position and almost noiselessly. Is up to 3 meters, depending on the branch generation and physical expansion.

CharacterThey are also considered as outbreak experts, as they are very curious and anatomically much slimmer than a domestic cat.

Space is important! A secured balcony is a must (Depending on the trust it is like ours without backups, since we trust each other, falls from the 2nd floor, it waits for us in front of the front door). A enclosure is an advantage, at In the first four store generations, an enclosure is even compulsory.

Savannahs have the temperament of a dog, they speak of the “dog in a cat’s costume” – most of them retrieve without being practiced with them. The breed is intelligent, docile and with clicker training Savannah cats can be quickly taught all kinds of tricks. Also, they are ideal for “go-go” on a leash. Savannahs love water games, like to take a shower or some prefer bathing.

Savananh Cat Character


The extraordinary intelligence is not to be underestimated and how quickly a Savannah has it out, how to open doors, cabinets and drawers – you will be amazed – they are literally approaching the behavior and the habits of the owner. Savannahs are very docile to humans and want to be challenged and encouraged.

Savananh Cat Character

For example, our Savannahs have already opened the front door several times behind our backs before we have aligned the door handles down. Fortunately, you never left and came back when you called. Also experience our Savannah kittens stay in their new home in clearance within 50 meters from the house.

One thing is for sure, you will not be bored with a Savannah cat. Because the Savannahs keeps coming up with something new, what they could do.

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