Generation (Foundation) – Savannah Cat F5

Generation – Savannah cats are hybrid cats, created from a cross between a serval and a domestic cat – we breed only F5 SBT Savannah cats.

The Branch Generation (Foundation) indicates the degree of relationship with the Serval. F1 – F4 Savannah cats are considered Serval hybrids, from the fifth generation onwards the Savannah cat is considered a domestic cat and without any special legal requirements.
F1 is the Serval the father, F2 is the Serval the grandfather, at F3 the Serval is the great-grandfather and at F4 the great great grandfather, etc.

Wild blood share in the modern age in the following generations:

From the 5th Foundation, it is possible to breed purebred Savannah cats, previously purebred Serval (Savannah) hybrids. From the 5th generation onwards they are considered as a stand-alone breed, the purebred Savannah cat.

The abbreviation A states that only one parent is a Savannah.
At B, both parents are Savannah cats
C stands for the parents, as are the grandparents Savannah cats
SBT are all ancestors of Savannah’s last 3 generations.

Usually a Savannah cat is paired with a F5 SBT Savannah mating cat, which makes the Savannah kittens a branch generation higher.

For example, a F4 SBT Savannah cat paired with a F5 SBT Savannah mate gives F5 SBT Savannah Kitten.

F1 A x F5 SBT or F4 SBT = F2 B

Branch generation increase or decrease

Here we have a generational increase from F1 to F2, regardless of the foundation of the Deckkaters. Of course, with a F4 Deckkater in contrast to a F5 Savannah Male a significant Savannah type-quality increase can be noted.

However, when paired with a F5 SBT Savannah cat with a F4 SBT masking cat, the kittens are F5 SBT.

Because the foundation of a Savannah mating always goes from the parent with the lowest store generation to a generation.

F4 x F6 = F5 SBT Savannah Kitten.
It does not matter which parent corresponds to the lower branch generation.


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