Kids & Savannah Cats

Kids & Savannah cats


If you want to buy a Savannah cat, ask yourself for the first time, is there a Kids & Savannah Cats?

Our savannah cats love and need kids!

After years of breeding, we can say from experience that living together with children and Savannah cats works well.

It has been shown that the children have more endurance to the employment of the cats, since it gives both a great pleasure. When our little siblings come to visit, the Savannah cats play with the kids all day. The only interruptions are the cloister, food and drink. Otherwise, it is played from morning to evening.

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Socialization on children

Before our savannah kitten leave us they will get used to each other with our little siblings between 5-12 years old, and it is important to keep that up.

Especially in the early days, they first learn to gradually control the claws while playing together.

If they have grown a little and are about 8-16 weeks old, they like to jostle with one and bite one more easily and more firmly, also there one must clearly show the borders.

Savannah Kitten prefers to sleep in bed with the children and as time goes on they build a special bond with the children, they are also super-loving and careful with babies and newborns. Because Savannah cats are intiligent and know who they are paying attention to. Savannah Cats Their sensitivity to our emotions is very sensitive and they respond to our whims.