Savannah Food

B.A.R.F. = Organic species-appropriate raw Savannah Food or also known as organic species-appropriate raw food

Savannah Food
Biologisch artgerechte Rohe Fütterung

Organic, species-appropriate raw Savannah Food is on the menu of the Savannah Cats!

Day-old chicks, chicken hearts, mice, rabbits, beef, game, oxen, turkey, chicken, quail, fish, lamb, goat, horse, deer and roe deer.

Savannah Food – For offal you should only resort to heart. For example, chicken drumsticks are fed completely with bone (uncooked). Savannah cats need a lot of calcium (lime), which is in the bones.

The feeding sounds elaborate, but the goal is to get as close as possible to the biologically appropriate raw feeding (B.A.R.F).

For example, Savannahs love goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is the best breastmilk substitute for young kittens.

From older Savannah cats, goat’s milk is also love to drink.

Furthermore, yogurt, quark, cottage cheese and goat’s milk products are well tolerated and they love it.

Pork is an absolute taboo! Because it causes tumors in cats. Therefore, always read the fine print on wet and dry food.

In this respect, one should not feed standard dry food (low meat content) as main food alone. A fat-containing dry food can always be offered to the Savannah cat and also serves as a “treat”.

In addition, adequate hydration should generally be provided. By always giving enough water to the Savannah cat. You can animate Savannah cats to drink with a drinking fountain.

Likewise, we as hybrid cats breeders will naturally prepare you for the individual needs of kittens.

Accordingly, we are also concerned about your own healthy diet, today more and more pet owners want to be dogs, cats or other carnivorous representatives. Also look for healthy and balanced nutrition in their animals.

This is best with a healthy diet. The health of the four-legged friends thanks it with healthy, shiny coat, activity and zest for life. Your veterinarian will be thrilled with the health of your Savannah cat

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