Savannah Kitten Checklist for the arrival

Savannah Kitten Checklist – Here we would like to inform you about the preparations before the arrival of the kittens.

Savannah Kitten Checklist

  • Savannah Kitten Checklist
  • Do you live in a rented apartment or in a house? Go through our checklist carefully!
    Or, inquire about whether cats are allowed in the household.
    An uncastrated male for breeding can not be kept in a rented apartment, as the marking behavior is too severe.
  • Is the home ready for a savannah kitten?
    You still have to get to know many sources of danger! (Cable, danger of falling, no poisonous plants etc.)

  • Have you already got raw food from the local butcher or from the supermarket?
    If not: It is also online: or
  • Are there enough litter boxes available?
  • Do you already have a rearing bottle and goat’s milk or goat’s milk powder?gekauft? Wenn nicht sofort kaufen.
  • Did you buy toys for the kitten? If not buy some in the pet shop.
  • Is the transport box completely safe? If not buy new.
    Often the grille is too wide and the kitten comes through as the extremely slender body of a savannah is often underestimated. Bars should not be too wide!
  • By the 12th month no high scratching posts, a vet can not operate on small animals. That means, for example, no high scratching posts.
  • Furthermore, is there enough space for racing and climbing for the Savannah cats? If not, just move.
  • Our babies are healthy, vaccinated, dewormed and chipped. A Savannah cat is up to 20 years old. Costs for veterinary care can also be incurred during this time. There is insurance for everything! If you do not know any, ask us.
  • Will the Savannah cat have a conspecific of the same age?

    Savannah cats should never be kept alone!

  • No high scratching trees or jump opportunities under 16 weeks, in case of fractures, a veterinarian can not intervene before, because the kitten is too small.
  • Upon arrival to the new home. Do not force the kitten out of the transport box. Rather lure out with food or toys, allow the kitten rest. Then they quickly get used to the new home.
  • If you are interested in a savannah kitten, do not wait until the kittens are born and the first pictures appear. Because we have a small waiting list, it is necessary to fulfill the wishes of the new owners. Color, gender, etc.
  • With serious interest you come to visit! Through a down payment, the Savannah is binding and contracted.
  • Most importantly, are you really ready for a Savannah cat, and do you have any nerves for a dog in a cat costume?
  • Is the new home abroad? In the EU?
    If yes, please contact and clarify!
  • Is the new home outside the EU? Clarify immediately.
Savannah Kitten Checklist
Priya, Pia & Pablo

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