Unsecured clearance


Unsecured clearance - For the Savannah cat's posture, the less wildcat blood she has, the easier the species-appropriate attitude.

If you want to buy a Savannah cat, you should remember the character of the Savannah cat beforehand. A small apartment, a quiet household or individual housing are not the right thing to make the Savannah happy. You need action at least one conspecific, as young as possible or the same age and a secure Unsecured clearance.

It is important how much wild blood is present

The higher the number of Savannahs in their family tree, the easier their husbandry conditions are. It gets heavier in the first four generations. The first generations are significantly larger and wilder than the fifth branch generation.

Therefore, the clearance is only possible from the 5th branch generation.

Unsecured clearance

Trust and bonding, before the clearance

In the first few months of spending time together with his Savannah Kitten, the bond builds up. There are several ways to promote attachment, for example, by hand rearing, playing together a lot, feeding from the hand, conditioning with the Clickertraininung u. v. m.

Unsecured clearance in the first months

In general, it is best to get started step by step. By making a little trip with a cat harness every now and then. Running around the house and showing the entrance of the house helps the cat’s orientation as it comes home. This is also recommended for pure domestic cats, if a Savannah cat escapes from the household, since they are outbreak experts.

Most begin with the age of 6 months, this is generally recommended at 12 months. It is important only to grope step by step to grant the final clearance. If your savannah cat is totally crazy about you then you have built up enough confidence to grant the clearance.

Unsecured clearance in Tirol

Unsecured clearance - How far do Savannah cats go?

Most of our Savannah kittens in the new home are reported to be within 50 yards of the house.

Of course you should be aware that despite everything they could run away or be taken by strangers, as they show absolutely no fear of strangers.

Clearance in the first generations

If you want to buy a Savannah cat of the lower generation, it is a good idea to have an outdoor enclosure or a secured garden. She has to, when she wants to have enough exercise in which they can climb, race, jumping and romping, without which you endanger the neighbors his small animals due to the high hunting instinct.

Do not forget to seek local permits when building a sanctuary or fencing your property.